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cosmetic dentistry1Albany Oregon Dental Implants

Albany Oregon dental implants are a time tested treatment that allows patients to replace teeth that have been lost to gum disease or decay. Many times, because Dr. Tamas places the implants as well as restores them, the cost can be nearly the same as filling the space with a bridge. The advantages to Albany Dental implants are that they look like natural teeth and they also chew like actual teeth. If a tooth in your mouth is lost, in most cases it is important to replace it early in order to prevent shifting of the remaining teeth or even bone loss. Bone loss has negative effects on the esthetic result when replacing a tooth that has been lost. At our office, we strongly emphasize Albany Oregon dental implant therapy.

Albany OR dental implants can also support dentures. The placement of Albany Oregon dental implants to retain and support dentures is becoming the standard of care whether you are getting your first dentures, or are a long-time denture wearer. If your current denture doesn't quite chew like you would want it to, or falls out, please inquire about what we can do to add Albany Oregon dental implants to your denture in order to improve your quality of life. Even the best conventional denture can be expected to deliver 10% of the chewing ability that natural teeth can deliver. By adding Albany Oregon dental implants to your denture, that can be increased by over 50%, allowing you to eat foods that you didn't think possible. There are even ways that we can restore your chewing force to 90% by eliminating the dentures. Implant supported, or implant retained dentures can be a significant improvement to the quality of your life!

The procedure for receiving a dental implant is less involved than many think. Under most circumstances, you could receive an Albany OR dental implant with local anesthesia (the same that you would get for a filling) in our office. The appointment lasts a little over an hour. Most times, there is little post-operative pain or recovery after the Albany OR dental implant is placed. If we replace a front tooth, many times we can put a temporary crown on the implant and you will walk out with a tooth in place! The appointment to get the crown is short and we then send your case out to a lab where they make a beautiful porcelain crown to fit onto the implant. We hope to impress you with the whole process.

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At this visit Dr. Tamas will discuss with the parents the impact of diet on dental health and give instructions on home care to ensure your child a great beginning to a lifetime of good dental habits!

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