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pediatric dentistryPediatric Dentist Albany Oregon

We love seeing children at Family Dentist Albany and they enjoy their visits! As pediatric dentist Albany Oregon we are mothers and fathers, so treating children is first nature to us.

In a child's first dental appointment or "happy visit" at your pediatric dentist Albany Oregon, around age 2-3, your child will get to ride on the dental chair, play with the "squirt gun" water syringe, and the "spit sucker". Dr. Tamas will take a peek inside the mouth to make sure the teeth are coming in normally. We try to polish the teeth with a fun, fruity paste, and finish with a quick fluoride treatment to strengthen your child's enamel.

It is important that this first visit with the pediatric dentist Albany Oregon is a positive experience, and ensures that future appointments will go smoothly. We want to instill the importance of proper childrens dental hygiene at an early age, which will lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums!

Please explore our website, designed to introduce you to our Albany Oregon dental team and provide information about appointment procedures, office hours, insurance policies and our Albany or, Dentist location.

We invite you to call our office or submit our Albany Dentist appointment request form and our receptionist will call you back to schedule.

Request an initial free courtesy exam for children less than 3 years of age. At this visit Dr. Tamas will discuss with the parents the impact of diet on dental health and give instructions on home care to ensure your child a great beginning to a lifetime of good dental habits!

Get a free tooth brush and tooth paste at hygiene visits for Pediatric Dentistry Albany Oregon.

Call our office: 541-928-8434 to start the journey to a healthy mouth and great Oral Hygiene, - "Brighten Your Smile Today" or Request an Appointment Today

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